Remote SSH Parallel processing

Ever need to update a whole bunch of (Ubuntu) hosts and got tired of manual processing. Why not hack a little script to do it for you.

First we need a list for servers in a text file. Mine is called servers.list and contains the hostnames of the hosts that need to be processed, like so;

For authentication I use SSH/RSA, so my admin station has privs on every host. If you have not set that up, do an ssh-copy-id root@hostname.something to copy your Key over to the hosts (yes I use root here, bad bad bad..)

Then this simple script will do the magic for you, mine is called (don’t forget to chmod +x the script)

while read -u999 server; do
 (echo + Processing $server - $command;ssh root@$server $command;echo - Done $server - $command) &
done 999< servers.list

(the while loop uses another file handle to keep out of the way of the stdout of ssh, we block the whole ssh command with () and execute in the background with &, finally the wait at the end does what it says, wait for everything to be done.

Now all that remains is to call the script with something like ./ ‘apt-get disk-upgrade -y’ (put your command between parentheses to make it a single parameter.

Cest Ca..


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